Incineration of Liquid and Gaseous Warfare Agents in the Turaktor®


Disposal plant for chemical weapons, Potschep

Disposal plant for chemical weapons, Kambarka

Chambustor, Potschep


The Eisenmann Turaktor®

The Turaktor high-turbulence reactor has been well-tried in a variety of applications for the safe disposal of liquid and gaseous chemical warfare agents. The agents are sprayed into the reaction chamber under highly turbulent conditions so that an optimum heat and mass transfer ensures that the toxic substances are reliably converted. Elaborate flue gas purification and waste water treatment processes ensure that the reaction products are safely eliminated.

Advantages of this process:

  • Complete thermal conversion of the reaction products
  • Can be used for the most toxic agents, such as VX, sarin and soman
  • Optional discharge of slag for salt-forming agents
  • Extensive knowledge about all relevant peripheral equipment (building services engineering, conveyor systems, handling systems, flue gas purification, etc.) available in-house

Ordnance disposal and chemical-weapons destruction

Incineration of Solid Chemical Warfare Agents in the Chambustor®

The Eisenmann Chambustor®
The Eisenmann Chambustor®

The Chambustor chamber or shuttle kiln is used to dispose of chemical warfare agents and contaminated solid materials from chemical weapons (e.g. activated carbon, protective clothing, transport containers). The carefully controlled air flow within the chamber ensures a very thorough burn-out with short residence times. Gaseous residues are safely disposed of in a tailored flue gas purification plant.

Advantages of this process:

  • Different types available (shuttle or chamber kiln)
  • Wide variety of materials can be disposed of (warfare agents, activated carbon, protective clothing, etc.)
  • Small footprint
  • A variety of operating regimes are possible (pyrolysis, oxidation, or a combination of both)
  • Can be combined with a Turaktor to create a total solution for the disposal of chemical weapons