Receptor Chamber DN/OD 400

The blue DN/OD 400 Receptor Chamber is used upstream of soakaway system, as a mechanical pre-treatment option. It can be connected to areas of up to approx. 800 m2. It is fitted with a stainless steel dirt collector that is easy to remove and clean, plus a DN 200 inlet and a DN 250 outlet for connection to the D-Raintank® system. Including its cover, the chamber has an installation height of 1500 mm. Different load classes for covers are available as either DN 400 plastic cap or as a cast-iron frame, and can be sealed or slotted.

The advantages in practice

  • flexible use
  • no deposits thanks to smooth surfaces
  • highly resistant to chemicals
  • suitable for catchment areas of approx. 800 m²
  • built-in seal system



Area of use:

pre-cleaning of rainwater run-off

Functional principle:

  • Leaf trap (stainless steel)
  • internal rest edge on the outflow for easy insertion of CCTV and jetting devices
  • resistance range: pH 2-12
  • high abrasion resistance


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