Receptor Chamber DN/OD 315

The perfect companion to the D-Raintank® systems The blue DN/OD 315 Receptor Chamber supplements the D-Raintank® range for rainwater infiltration. Including covers, it has an installation height of 1000 mm. Different load classes of covers are available as either a plastic cap or a cast-iron frame and can be sealed or slotted. The chamber is designed to allow pre-treatment of runoff from areas of up to 400 m², and has DN/OD 160 inlets and outlets. Solid particles in the rainwater, such as leaves and sand, are caught and separated out by the filter element. The finer particles settle in the sedimentation zone below the filter element, while the rainwater is drained to the D-Raintank® soakaway. The filter insert needs to be checked and cleaned regularly. 

The advantages in practice

    • flexible use
    • no deposits thanks to smooth surfaces
    • highly resistant to chemicals
    • suitable for an catchmenz area of approx. 400 m2
    • firmly inserted sealing system



Area of use:

mechanical preliminary cleaning of an infiltration plant

Functional principle:

    • maximum size of the catchment area 400 m²
    • resistance range: pH 2-12
    • recycable thanks to material purity
    • monolithic design - no risk of leaks


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