Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Underground rainwater harvesting systems from WRS-USA are make ecological and economic sense. Up to 50 % of drinking water can be saved, preserving groundwater reserves and taking the strain off wastewater treatment systems We offer various Rainwater Harvesting systems. You can select from a wide range based on your individual requirements. Our Rainwater Harvesting systems are based on the highest quality, rotationally moulded, one piece tanks, installed without the need for concrete, thereby minimising installation costs and supported by our long term 25 year guarantee. Also keep us in mind when looking for rainwater catchment and reuse systems for any size project or goal. Be it agricultural, industrial, commercial, or residential use, we have the solutions.

Garden Systems

The new F-Line range of tanks is unique in the world. With a pit depth of just one meter,it makes the installation of a rainwater system revolutionary and easy. The sizes 1500, 3000, 5000 and 7500 liters are ideal for many gardens.

Domestic Systems

With a rainwater system that supplies your home as well, you can achieve optimum savings and will not use valuable drinking water for flushing the toilet or for the washing machine. Instead you can use the rainwater collected throughout the year.

Above Ground tanks

Even if you cant install an Rainwater Harvesting underground tank, that doesnt mean you have to go without the use of a large-volume tank. We offer various models, which despite large capacities, take up little space, and dont spoil the look of your garden

our customers say it best:
  • Happen took a big lead forward in the renovation of our Do Goods garden today when our friends from WRS-USA LLC delivered the underground storage tank for our rainwater collection system. We're so excited to see our vision for a new Do Goods garden start to take shape–Happen Inc.

  • WRS-USA installed a water irrigation system in my front yard (including pop-up sprinklers, programmable water pump etc.) as well as a rainwater harvesting system in my back yard (enough volume for flower bed irrigation, car wash etc.) - Very responsive, one point-of-contact throughout the entire process - Very personable, open and honest interaction with clients - Knowledgeable about products and installation - Professional installation, very personalized service - Follow-up visits to ensure proper operation indicate commitment to delivering high level of quality (service and product) and pride in operation–Olaf

  • Dear Jens Gartner, I would like to thank you for the Rainwater Harvesting system I purchase from you. This is a very impressive system. It is very well manufactured as well as I am excited for the substantial savings from my water bill usage to water my lawn. Thanks again,–Tim