Moving Bed Reactor


The moving bed reactor in Hünxe

The Hünxe weapons destruction plant 

Separation of ammunition scrap


The Eisenmann moving bed reactor

The Eisenmann moving bed reactor is used to destroy conventional am-
munition in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. The ammunition is auto-
matically and continuously fed into a detonation chamber filled with steel balls. The ammunition and the steel balls move countercurrently to a stream of hot gas that cause the explosive charges in the ammunition to react. The bed of steel balls absorbs the shock wave and prevents fragments from hitting the chamber walls.

Advantages of this process

  • Reliable compliance with emission limit values thanks to the adapted
    flue gas purification plant
  • No additional explosive charges
  • Residues separated by gravity -> no manual intervention or movement
    of the reactor required
  • Reactor is self-cleaning thanks to the flow of steel balls; no caking
    on the reactor walls
  • Gentle heating with hot gas
  • Continuous process means no problems arise with seals and container closures
  • No additional ammunition handling required; ammunition can be completely destroyed, whatever its condition (e.g. unexploded)
  • Extensive knowledge about all relevant peripheral equipment (building services engineering, conveyor systems, handling systems, flue gas purification, etc.) available in-house
Thermal Weapon Disposal

Disposal of Small-Caliber Ammunition: Armored Rotary Kiln

Armored rotary kiln for small-caliber ammunition
Armored rotary kiln for small-caliber ammunition

Eisenmann’s armored rotary kiln is employed for the disposal of small- and medium-caliber ammunition, as well as airbag systems, loose explosives, signal rockets and antipersonnel mines. The rotary kiln is fed automatically.

A special conveyor screw moves the ammunition countercurrently to the hot air. The hot air causes the explosive charges to react, reliably destroying the weapons. The flue gases emitted are discharged and after passing through a purification system tailored to the needs of this process, they comply with statutory limit values.

Advantages of this process

  • Compact plant design
  • High throughput
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective disposal method
  • High flexibility with regard to input materials
  • Fast readiness thanks to all-steel design
  • Can be used for ammunition with an explosive power up to 400g TNT equivalent