Irrigation Systems

Enjoy your garden and let your sprinkler do the watering job. The mobile sprinklers from the GARDENA range can be used for watering rectangular areas as well as circular areas, for lawn, as well as for vegetable beds or flowers. Oscillating sprinklers are ideal for rectangular or square areas whereas circle sprinklers cover full circles or parts of it.
So whatever the area to be watered looks like in your garden, GARDENA offers the right sprinkler for it.

Pop-up Sprinklers

GARDENA Sprinklersystem is a complete range of pop-up sprinklers, components and starter sets. Perfect if you’re tired of watering your lawn by hand or just want to free up time in your life

The patented "Quick and Easy" Simple Connection Technology easily allows you to install the GARDENA Sprinklersystem in a matter of no time.

Micro-drip irrigation

Full range of products for Micro-drip irrigation system.

Save Water and Time ! Water conserving up to 70% due to adjustable drip heads and drip watering. You will also save time because no conventional pouring necessary – use your leisure time for other things.


All you wanted to know about Watering Systems

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