Soft rainwater with little lime is especially good for your plants

Flat-Tank F-Line

  • easier and quicker installation, low installation costs
  • small pit and small amount of excavated earth, less disturbance to the garden
  • ideal for retrospective installation on existing properties
  • car-driveable
  • can be installed in groundwater up to tank shoulder
  • 25-year guarantee
  • optimal use of tank volume thanks to pump basin


NEO tank for every need

WRS USA offers you the right NEO tank for every need, every size. . Select the accessories to go with your NEO tank.
We provides you with the right accessories for the desired NEO tank to match your specific requirements. You can select individual components or benefit from the complete solutions.


Above Ground tanks

Even if you can’t install an Rainwater harvesting underground tank , that doesn’t mean you have to go without the use of a large-volume tank. We offer various models, which despite large capacities, take up little space, and don’t spoil the look of your garden.