Rainwater - perfect for home and garden

  • Rainwater - perfect for home and garden ?

    Save up to 50%

    Save up to 50% of City water and protect our environment.

    From an annual average rainfall collected from a 80m2 roof, four people could wash clothes, wash cars, flush the toilet and maintain a small garden, all year long. Harvesting rainwater is worthwhile for you and our environment.

    Your budget

    Water conservation program to suit your budget You save money by reducing your mains water consumption. Where mains water is used for toilet flushing, washing clothes, rainwater can be used, thus saving up to 50% of precious water. Rainwater is better quality than ordinary tap water as it is softer and therefore reduces limescale settlement, you use less detergent in the washing machine and less WC cleaner.

    Good reasons to use rainwater

    • Save money by reducing water consumption • Be independent of the water utilities and water price increases • Soft rainwater is particularly good for your plants • Contribute actively to the environment and conserve our precious water supplies • The sewage system is eased, because some of the rain water is collected and is not passed into the sewer system.

    Protect our environment

    How and at what cost are our vital resources being used today by all of us. City water supplies are vital and must therefore be secured for the future.

    For your house needs (WC and washing machine) and the garden irrigation with rainwater we offer you different tank systems, according to your requirements.

  • Water conservation program for the garden

    Water conservation program for the garden

    The long-term weather forecast suggests that the weather is becoming warmer and drier. In the summer months there is less rain, so during this season the demand for watering the garden is rising. What could be better than to collect free rainwater for irrigation to use on dry days. Soft rainwater - your plants like this the most. Water your flowers in your garden with free rainwater from an outside tap using a WRS-USA Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Garden Project

    Garden Project with our F-Line Systems

    Flat tank F-LINE Simple and easy installation without heavy equipment

    • Easy and quick installation, low installation costs • Small pit, little excavation, protects the garden • Ideal for retrofit installations in existing gardens • Optimal use of the tank volume by the pump sump • Very stabile due to geometric, one-piece tank • Can be installed in ground water to tank shoulder • Vehicle bearing covers available • 25 year warranty • Made in Germany

    Installation Comparison – garden system

    The installation depth of our garden systems is only about 100 cm with the 1500 & 3000 litre flat tanks and only about 135 cm with the 5000 litre flat tank. Therefore, according to DIN 4124 very little work space is required. The advantages in the amount of excavated earth are obvious. For the 5000 litre flat tank only approximately 10,4 m3 of excavated earth is removed, compared with a 5000 litre cylindrical container - 40 m3

    Our complete garden systems:

    Garden system Basic – BlueLine II

    Garden system Basic – F-LINE

    Garden system Hybrid – BlueLine II The versatile solution with water pump and hand pump

    Garden system Hybrid – F-LINE The versatile solution with water pump and hand pump

    BlueLine II AutoReel - The brilliant solution - 20m of hose integrated into the tank

    F-Line AutoReel - The brilliant solution - 20m of hose integrated into the tank

    F-Line Premium - The comfortable solution with water pump - made of PE including two taps, storage for watering can and hose

  • Rainwater for domestic use

    How do I have to prepare?

    For a domestic house and garden system you will require a dedicated plumbing circuit to the toilet, washing machine and outside tap(s). This is most cost effective when a system is installed in a new build or major renovation. For an existing property, it may be more feasible to have a garden only system for plant watering and car washing which could, in the future be upgraded to a house system if required.

    How it works

    Rainwater from your roof is diverted into the underground storage tank, where it is filtered, kept cool and dark for optimum quality. On demand, the water is pumped directly to your WC’s washing machine and outside tap, or to a header tank, which in turn feeds your appliances. If the rainwater storage tank runs dry, depending on your individual system, a small amount of water will be “topped up” into the underground tank, or the header tank supply will be switched to mains water to ensure a constant flow of water to your appliances. The system will use rainwater again the next time the storage tank has sufficient water.

    House System with header tank

    Indirect System with back up into the header tank. Here Rainwater is pumped to the header tank which feeds the toilet and washing machine by gravity. The mains back up supplies the header tank, an auto flush system ensures water in the tank does not stay there for too long, and the pump only has to run once the header tank is empty, saving on electricity.

  • Tank Covers and Shaft Extensions

    Walk-on tank cover of your choice

    Choose your desired walk-on version tank cover with suitable shaft extension VS 20 or VS 60

    Walk-on tank cover of your choice Shaft Extension of your choice • PE shaft extensions suitably for all tanks • Extends the entrance shaft for deeper installation of the tank • For a deeper installation the shaft extension VS 20 or VS 60 (VS 20 and VS 60 are not stackable), can be connected to the spacer ring • Drain gutters avoid the entering of surface water into the tank • Sealed to prevent ground water seepage (not for pressurised water) • Variable height adaptation by pushing over the entrance shaft (tank BlueLine II – 2600 and 5200 litres) or a simple sawing The REWATEC shaft system shows a clearly improved fitting accuracy. The tank cover sits neatly and is twist protected on the shaft frame to prevent dirt entering. The Shaft frame with cover form 100% connection to the area. closed open brass double water connection Stable PE thermal lid with child protection (equivalent to DIN1989). Loadable up to 150 kg. The double-walled cover has an insulating effect (better frost resistance). For all types of tanks 1500 - 10000 litre (DN 600 / 600 mm)

    Twin Cover (including distribution points) For garden systems: In the PE tank cover a brass double water connection is integrated

    Twin Cover (with internal cover / without water connection) The tank cover has an internal cover, for an easy and quick access to the tank.

    Driveable versions Complete Car Set - 1

    For all REWATEC tank 1500 – 10000 litre, max. axle load 2,2 t, Total height: 700 - 1100 mm

    Complete Car Set - 2

    For all REWATEC tank 1500 – 10000 litre, max. axle load 2,2 t, Total height: 600 mm

    Shaft Extension of your choice

    including Rubber Seal

  • Professional Child Locks

    All walk-on versions of tank covers are provided with two professional child locks. The special fastener (rotary mechanism from stainless steel) with two specially strong safety loops can be installed easily and quickly.

  • Retention Systems and Use of Rainwater

    Usage: With increasing risks of flooding, many communities are looking for ways to control the rate of water discharged into the sewer network during periods of heavy rainfall. The Retention tank addresses this issue. This not only offers rainwater storage for reuse, but also a buffer volume which can be set at any level to control the release of water into the network. The Buffer Volume will empty over time leaving space for the next heavy downpour.

    Function: The Tank has 2 sections. The lower portion is used as rainwater storage which is available for reuse in the garden or home. The upper portion is a buffer space. The floating throttle valve always stays at the same depth below the top of the water. Therefore water released from the buffer volume remains at a constant rate. The throttle valve can be pre-set at the desired flow rate and the position of the outlet pipe can be manufactured to the user’s specification to allow more or less buffer space as needed.

  • Seepage pumping shaft

    The pumping system is the solution to a rainwater underground tank that has excess water seeping to the surface. The overflowing water from the underground tank and ground water drainage is collected in the pump station, and from there pumped up to a soakaway. If the pumping station is empty, the pump switches off and waits until a certain fill level is reached again allowing enough time in which the water can seep away. Waterlogging is avoided, the soil remains biologically active.

    Pumping station - the benefits:

    • Easy to install and pump water where ground conditions don’t allow a traditional soakaway • Flow through the living soil layers, thereby biological purification of water • Low maintenance costs • Corrosion-resistant, extremely durable submersible pressure pump, automatic control via float switch • Simple and compact mounting due to low weight and ready to plug in pre-mounted pump

  • Rainwater Filters

    Can rainwater be made safe to drink? Yes. How safe? As safe as your well or tap water. How do you make it safe for indoor use? By filtering and purifying it.

    Pre Filter MAXI Plus Description: An excellent filter with many advantages. Maxi Plus can be inserted into existing pipes very easily, because the inflow and the outflow are on one level. The cleaning occures by a setting down and filtering process with 0,5 mm mesh width. The result is cystal clear and pure rainwater for the utilisation in house and garden.

    Pre Filter MAXI The filter basket prevents dirt particles from entering the rainwater to the tank. The result is clear and clean rainwater for the utilisation in house and garden. The filter basket is provided with a handy lift-out device

    Filter Basket (integrated in the tank) Well-priced and simple option for the filtering, ideal for retrofitting of existing tanks.

    Aquatum 300 Avoid a dirty tank with Aquatum 300! The Aquatum 300 filters soot and particles up to a size of 1 μm (0.001mm) in the rainwater.

  • For large installations

    Rainwater Filters for large installations

    Pre-Filter Maximus 1500 For roof and terraces up to max. 1500 m2

    Pre-Filter Maximus 3000 For roof and terraces up to max. 3,000 m2

    Pre-Filter Maximus 6000  For roof and terraces up to max. 6,000 m2

  • Pumps and Control Technology

    Submersible Pump Diver 1200 (for house and garden systems) Description: With the powerful submersible pressure pump diver even greater distances between tank and building can be achieved. The four-staged stainless steel pump is mounted directly in the tank.

    Submersible pressure pump BlueRain (for garden systems) Description: Automatic on-off-control-unit. Three-staged rotary pump with high effeciency: high output at a low energy consumption. Dry run protection prevents damages with an empty tank.

    Automatic Mains Water Top-Up Aqua-Flow 2.13 Description: Automatic Mains water top up. Complete kit with pre assembled air gap according to EN1717 & BS8515. Timed sensor only tops up a small amount of water into the tank which is more efficient than standard float switch models.

    Header Tank Description: The Raindirector Header Tank offers the user the added safety that toilets will still flush in the event of power failure. Its manual override provides comfort in the knowledge that the system can be bypassed at any time. The header tank has an auto flush system to keep water fresh and the intelligent controls only make the pump run when the Headertank is empty, reducing the amount of times the pump runs.

  • Accessories

    Electronic Level Indicator Easy to measure the level in the tank by pressing the red button.

    Overflow Siphon with Rodent Protection Special grid made of stainless steel protects the tank from rodents.

    Calmed Inlet Special calmed inlet made of PE prevents turbulence of deposited particles.

    Security Package labels according to BS8515 to mark pipes and outlets

    Coupling set (for tanks Blue Line II and F-LINE) 2 x 2“ screw connections

    Rubber Gasket (for pipework into tank)

  • Public and commercial installation

    Many application examples from the service sector, the manufacturing and processing Industry, agriculture, schools, and authorities have already seen the success of a WRS-USA system. Reliable systems are now inexpensive and ready for installation supplied by WRS-USA. They require little space and require little maintenance.

    Systems Engineering Pumps, control and mains water feed are combined in a compact module. The double pump station ensures high reliability with startup and connection of the second pump at peak demands. Mains water feed in accordance with DIN EN 1717. Maximum flow rate up to 14 m³ / h

    Advantages Our robust and environmentally friendly tanks Blue Line (Tank type to 10000 litre) and F-Line (up to 7500 litre) are ideal for storage up to any size. Several coupled together also offer advantages in transportation and installation over a single large tank.

    Convincing arguments • Financial - reduced fees and charges • Effective advantages – protecting the Environment, ecologically advantageous • Ecological - resource conservation by reducing the mains water supply and wastewater discharge • Technical - for example, rain water is less hard, which is an advantage for process or cooling water.

    Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly The sharp rise in water charges has led to more and more businesses, schools, etc. using rainwater harvesting equipment. Often these businesses have a large rainfall catchment and a high water demand, the many benefits of rainwater harvesting are obvious and financially lucrative.

  • Water - our most valuable resource

    What you should know The cost for City water has increased significantly more than other energy costs. This is likely to continue in the future. To provide clean mains water takes significant energy and with this, higher costs. So what makes more sense than a worthwhile single-investment using rainwater for up to half of your future water needs.

    Each of us uses on an average 138 litres of water day per day. This is more than 200,000 litres per year for a 4 person household. Halve your City water consumption by using rainwater.

    Good reasons to use rainwater • You save money by using less City water • You become more independent from the water suppliers and price increases • Soft rainwater with little lime is especially good for your plants • You contribute actively to the environment protection and conserve our valuable mains water stocks • You avoid costs of the unused rainwater being sent to the mains network • The drainage is relieved because the rainwater is collected at source for re-use and is not sent directly to the mains, this can help reduce local flooding

  • The new flat NEO tank

    The new flat NEO tank ensures the highest stability and durability with its innovative geometry. This is emphasized by the 35-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    German Resource Efficiency Award 2014 The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has honoured us with the German Resource Efficiency Award 2014. Our new flat NEO tank was awarded the prize as an outstanding example of an intelligent and sustainable handling of materials.

    Combines the highest stability with a low weight The new NEO tank is not only distinguished by its very high stability, but also by a considerably lower weight than comparable flat tanks. Thanks to the efficient design, the pump basin makes optimal use of the tank volume.

    NEO tank for every need, based on the garden size, roof area and, if applicable, number of people in the household.

  • Guaranteed quality from Germany.

    All Rewatec containers are made from environment-friendly PE (polyethylene). Our stress-free rotomoulding process helps us obtain unparalleled robustness. What this means for you is permanent protection from fractures and cracks. We vouch for this quality and longevity with our 35-year warranty for the NEO flat tank.