Flow Control Chamber

Controlled stormwater discharge  The DN/OD 1000 Flow Control Chamber is a flexible, monolithic and sealed chamber system that is used whenever the flow of precipitation water needs to be controlled as it is discharged into the public sewer system. For example, this may be the case after it has been through a rainwater attenuation or soakaway system.

The solution

The Flow Control Chamber comes with a pre-drilled, built-in throttle element as well as a socket (DN/OD 160 to 500). An internal overflow prevents system failure in case of a heavy rainfall event or if the throttle element jams. Below the inlet and the dosing element is a sedimentation zone, which can easily be cleaned as necessary.


Construction height, including the cover, can range from 1.0 m to 5.0 m. A factory-fitted stainless-steel ladder (optional) facilitates access. Available covers include a plastic telescopic option as well as a concrete cover plate for holding common (Germany) 625 mm chamber covers in a range of load classes (up to D 400).

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