Flow Control Chamber DN/OD 315

For controlling the discharge flow of rainter  The DN/OD 315 Flow Control Chamber is used whenever the discharge flow of stormwater needs to be controlled as it is drained into the public sewer system, for example, after a rainwater treatment facility or an attenuation system. The flow control chamber comes with a pre-drilled, built-in flow control element and a DN/OD 110 sockets. An external DN/OD 110 overflow prevents system failure in case the flow control element jams. Below the inlet and the flow control element is a sedimentation zone, which can be emptied if necessary. Including its cover, this component has an installation depth of 1000 mm. Different load classes of covers are available as either plastic cap or cast-iron frame and can be sealed or slotted. 

The advantages in practice

  • flexible use
  • no deposits thanks to smooth surfaces
  • highly resistant to chemicals
  • suitable for a catchment area of approx. 400 m2
  • firmly inserted sealing system



Area of use:

flow control element positioned behind a rainwater filtration plant respectively a rainwater retention plant

Functional principle:

  • the design of the flow control element is adjusted to meet the flow rate specified by the client
  • suitable for use up to class D 400 when combined with load distribution ring
  • resistance range: pH 2–12
  • recycable thanks to material purity
  • monolithic design – no risk of leaks


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