Filter Chamber

Decentralised, efficient, low-maintenance The Funke Filter Chamber is manufactured monolithically from a Funke DN 1000 Profile Pipe. The chamber’s main components include a tangential inlet, a vertical spiral lamella structure, a flow separator, a filter unit and a circumferential fully slotted drainage pipe. The Funke Filter Chamber is suitable for a catchment area of up to 600 m2 (DIBt/German Institute for Building Technology). Including its cover plate, the system has a total height of 3.2 m. The height offset between inlet and outlet is approx. 1.0 m; the outlet depth is at approx. 2.0 m. The filter unit consists of D-Rainclean® filter media. The rainwater is diverted using a circumferential fully slotted drainage pipe held inside a gravel sleeve.

The solution

The advantages in practice: robust, sturdy and long-lasting lightweight design easy inspection and maintenance high efficiency levels


Area of use:

Treatment of polluted stormwater runoff before this is released to groundwater (percolation) or surface / receiving waters (rivers, lakes etc.).

Functional principle:

Retention of FAS (filterable substances) through improved sedimentation and filtration, as well as of dissolved pollutants (petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, etc.) through adsorption and precipitation.

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