Rainwater Harvesting - Domestic Systems

You save money by reducing your City water consumption. Where City water is used for toilet flushing, washing clothes, rainwater can be used, thus saving up to 50% of precious water. Rainwater is better quality than ordinary tap water as it is softer and therefore reduces limescale settlement, you use less detergent in the washing machine and less WC cleaner.

F-LINE - DIVER Home and Garden System

  • F-line 1500, 3000L, 5000L or 7500 Litre can be extended to any size.
  • Prefitted Filter, Calmed inlet, and overflow siphon
  • VS60 Shaft Extension
  • Dual skinned top cover with child proof lock
  • Diver Pump, 1200W auto start/stop, and 0.5mm mesh filter
  • 25m roll of 32mm black MDPE pipe,
  • Security labels and tape for pipe marking
  • Automatic mains top up with 3 pronged sensor for better reliability and minimal top up
  • we deliver all over the US.

NEO - DIVER Home and Garden System

The structural engineering of the innovative flat rainwater tank NEO is modelled on the perfect forms of nature, for example that of the nautilus shell.
The nautilus has a very thin, chambered shell that is only a millimetre thick but still holds up
under the considerable water pressure at depths of up to 800 m. This concurrence of extraordinary
stability and low wall thickness is achieved by the special chambered shape of the shell.
Thanks to its unique bionic design, NEO saves 35 % in material, and hence weight,
while offering outstanding structural properties..


Everything you need for convenient rain water utilisation
WRS-USA offers you individual parts and a full range of accessories for simple and reliable rain water harvesting. Choose from the following and decide how convenient and efficient you want your rain water usage to be in the future