Biogas Plants and Biowaste Fermentation Plants


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Eisenmann is your specialist partner for the planning, design and construction of turnkey biogas and biowaste fermentation plants as well as for the inspection, maintenance and service of the plants.

Eisenmann offers horizontal plug-flow digesters, which are especially designed for processing waste materials from agriculture and biowaste.

The digester with its robust, slowly and continuously turning agitator shaft can be adjusted to very high dry substance fractions. This means that the addition of fluids for dilution purposes is not necessary in almost all applications. Minimization of the digester volume and of fermentation waste accumulation serves to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Eisenmann plants can be found in a wide variety of applications. The range of products/services extends from the complete planning of new plants and extensions of existing composting plants to the extension of existing fermentation plants.

Eisenmann also offers a wide variety of combination options with the use of steel or concrete digesters in accordance with specific requirements. Eisenmann plants can process a wide range of substrate and waste volumes starting from annual throughputs as low as 5,000 metric tons.

The Eisenmann process has significant advantages in comparison to other processes with respect to the climate balance. Yet another reason to go beyond simply composting by also using your waste to generate renewable energy.

Our strengths at a glance:

  • Experience: Eisenmann has now completed more than 70 such facilities
  • Short delivery and construction times due to pre-assembled components
  • Main digester capacities from 270 m³ to 1500 m³
  • Plug-flow process to manage high dry substance fractions of up to 32% with high, constant gas yield and maximum process stability
  • Agitator system suppresses floating layers
  • Modular extensibility
  • Main digester efficiently heated with wall-mounted heating jackets
  • Compact design