Rainwater Harvesting Equipment Overview

Everything you need for convenient rain water utilisation. WRS-USA offers you individual parts and a full range of accessories for simple and reliable rain water harvesting. Choose from the following and decide how convenient and efficient you want your rain water usage to be in the future "This site is still under construction"

Rainwater Filter Systems

Rainwater filter systems for every need and requirement. Online Store

Pump and Control technology

Pump technology for every need the right pump Online Store

Tank covers and Shafts

Extensions and reductions for every situation the right Shaft Online Store

Further Accessories

Water distributor,Special suction set, Coupling set...many helpful extensions for your system Online Store

Rainwater Harvesting Retrofit Systems

Equipping or retrofitting existing tanks and cisterns Online Store

Rainwater Harvesting Dispensers

Rainwater Harvesting Water Dispensers, in different versions

our customers say it best:
  • Dear Jens Gartner, I would like to thank you for the Rainwater Harvesting system I purchase from you. This is a very impressive system. It is very well manufactured as well as I am excited for the substantial savings from my water bill usage to water my lawn. Thanks again–Tim