WRS-USA LLC, a Kentucky corporation, is proud to offer a full line of rainwater harvesting and Sewage Treatment systems backed by a 25 year Guaranty from the German manufacturer, a leader in rainwater harvesting and retention systems. We are uniquely able to provide a system customized to your particular needs, whether it be designed to capture rainwater from your roof and released to irrigate your lawn, channeled back into your home to be used for your laundry and/or to flush toilets, or collected in our underground retention tank to be slowly released back into the earth. The choice is yours...as is the 50% savings on your water bill you will enjoy! We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about our superb products and answer questions you may have on the systems.  

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater - perfect for home and garden. Save up to 50% of mains water and protect our environment. You save money by reducing your City water consumption.
Where City water is used for toilet flushing, washing clothes,Irrigation, rainwater can be used,

Sewage Treatment Systems

There are many sewage systems on the market today, but the SOLIDO is the only one that has been designed with both the end user and the installer in mind. Impact on your garden is minimised during installation, and we regularly see systems being fully installed within a day or two.

Irrigation Systems 

Enjoy your garden and let your sprinkler do the watering job. The mobile sprinklers from the GARDENA range can be used for watering rectangular areas as well as circular areas, for lawn, as well as for vegetable beds or flowers.Oscillating sprinklers are ideal for rectangular or square areas whereas circle sprinklers cover full circles or parts of it.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Happen took a big lead forward in the renovation of our Do Goods garden today when our friends from WRS-USA LLC delivered the underground storage tank for our rainwater collection system. We're so excited to see our vision for a new Do Goods garden start to take shape–Happen Inc.

  • WRS-USA,LLC installed two septic systems for two different houses which required no leech lines what so ever. This was great because of the lack of land to install a leech line. His price was great !!!! compared to other estimates I received from other contractors. This is a state of the art system which requires very low usage of electricity. Now the problem has been resolved that I am no longer lock into a acre of land requirement for a septic system. :) Jens installed both septic systems in a professional and a expedited manner. He explained how the system works and even follows up with myself to make sure everything is working properly unlike some contractors one installed and received their payment they are gone..–Tim Bailey

  • WRS-USA installed a water irrigation system in my front yard (including pop-up sprinklers, programmable water pump etc.) as well as a rainwater harvesting system in my back yard (enough volume for flower bed irrigation, car wash etc.) - Very responsive, one point-of-contact throughout the entire process - Very personable, open and honest interaction with clients - Knowledgeable about products and installation - Professional installation, very personalized service - Follow-up visits to ensure proper operation indicate commitment to delivering high level of quality (service and product) and pride in operation–Olaf